Python Workgroups Continue

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April 29, 2016

Research Methods and Data Analysis Center Gives Python Coding Academy

LAWRENCE, Kan. – On April 29, the Computer Research Methods and Data Analysis Center will continue it’s Python coding workgroups in Watson Library for both novices and experts to educate individuals on a valuable skill in today’s digital world.

The free meetings occur every other week in Room 455 of Watson Library throughout the semester and are led by Jacob Fowles who is a professor in the School of Public Affairs and a faculty fellow for the CRMDA.

The CRMDA stresses that these meetings are held in a free-form manner where registration is not mandatory and a familiarity with Python coding language is not needed. The only prerequisite to these meetings is the desire to learn.

“These workgroups are cooperative environments in which researchers can explore new methods” according to the CRMDA website. “We welcome participants from all elements of the university, faculty, students, and staff. We welcome novices and experts alike.”

“A political science graduate student who works in a tech startup in California told us last year that a person who is fluent in R and Python can easily find employment in Silicon Valley,” according to the CRMDA.

The CRMDA has no scheduled Python coding meetings after this semester but will continue to provide open-education meetings for various computer skills next semester.

Center for Research Methods and Data Analysis can be contacted at: and a list of workgroups is at


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